Skyward Adventures is set on over 30 acres of scenic Indiana woodlands and hillside.  Our course will take you nearly a mile through the tree-tops.  Experience the sights and sounds of nature through an exhilarating zip line adventure.


Preview Your Adventure

While words fall short in describing the fun-filled adventure, here is a little preview to our course.

Pre-Zip Procedures

Expect a warm, friendly welcome from our office staff who will help with the pre-zip check-in, which includes a brief overview of expectations and regulations, waiver signatures, and payment processing.  From there, our expert guides will lead you the harnessing area, where you will be fitted with state-of-the art equipment.

Pre-Zip Tips and Tricks

Ready to learn the basics?  Our guides will show you all the tips and tricks to make sure your zip experience is both safe and memorable.  Every participant will watch as the guides demonstrate and explain all of the maneuvers and safety features.  Afterwards, every participant shows us their moves on our Mini-Zip to make sure the are ready for a safe ride.

Zip #1

Zip 1 Clear?  Zipping.... Zip on.  After a hike up the hill to reach the first platform, these are the words everyone has been looking forward to.  The first and second Zips are designed to be the "bunny slope" lines.  Here you will zip 200' to an elevated platform.  Be sure to remember all of the Zip Tips from our Mini-Zip.  While it may be short, it's thrillingly fast!

Zip #2

Take a moment to catch your breath and enjoy the scenery.  From this platform, we have seen all sorts of wildlife -- deer, squirrel, birds, etc.  After taking a moment to pause, you'll step off the platform onto our shortest line. This line rounds out our "bunny slope" by showing you how to safely navigate a ground landing.

Bridge #1 (Log Bridge)

Perhaps, Bridge #1 will make you nostalgic of days gone by as a kid crossing a creek or ravine via a fallen log. Or maybe, it will give you a chance to show your group your balancing abilities!  Don't worry, we'll make sure you're tethered off with dual safety lanyards to an overhead safety cable.  

Zip #3 (the fastest!)

Ok, you adrenaline junkies -- this is the line you have been waiting for!  Upon crossing Bridge #1 to Zip 3 Start Platform, you can see over 500' of cable descending through the canopy. Take a breath and zip on!  Experience the unique humming of the zip trolley and wind in your face as you scream through the air at speeds approaching 30 miles an hour towards the 25' tall platform that awaits you. Don't worry, our expert guides will be there to activate our Zip Stop braking system that will bring you safely to rest at the end.

Zip #4

Ahh... breathe a sigh of relief and take a moment to enjoy the view.  Seasonally, you can see the Whitewater River through the tree tops as well as a scenic views of charming Brookville.  Once the rest of your group are all together on the platform, you will zip a mild-paced line approximately 20' above the forest floor.

Bridge #2 (Spaghetti Bridge)

Considered to be the most challenging of the 4 Sky Bridges, the Spaghetti Bridge is aptly named in part because of the "noodle-like" ropes swaying as you attempt to cross as well as the feeling it gives your legs as you step across the taunt cable.  "What happens if I fall?"  Don't worry, our guides are there to help, plus you are always tethered to a safety line at all times your in the air.

Zip #5

Short but deceivingly fast is what you will hear from our guides.  This ground to platform zip will take you to atop Zip 7, where you will catch an overhead view of the tallest zip soon to come.

Zip #6

After glancing down the ravine below you, you will slide down a platform-to-ground zip line.  Be sure to keep your feet moving as you approach the landing!

Zip #7 (the tallest)

If you've been looking forward to elevated heights, then this is sure to be your favorite line.  After a quick walk from the end of Zip 6 to Zip 7, you will run off our short platform.  Your feet will leave the ground as you zip further away.  As you approach the middle of the line, you will be nearly 60' off the grounds.  While it might not be the fastest zip, you can still expect high speeds which will require your expert guide to activate the Zip Stop braking system.  Feel the wind sway the tower as you stand more than 40' above ground.  Depending on the season, you'll again be able to see the beautiful views of the historic court house and winding river.

Zip #8

Don't forget to look down as you leap off the 40' tower and zip across our dry pond.  We've slowed  the speed down just a bit so you can enjoy the elevated view as you approach the next tower.

Bridge #3 (Parallel Cable and Rope)

Not as easy as the Log Bridge and not as difficult as the Spaghetti Bridge. This single cable with a parallel rope hold will still require balance as you look down 10-15' above the forest floor.  

Bridge #4 (The Frog Bridge)

Yes, we realize it's an odd name, but one that adequately reflects the end result.  This bridge is designed to allow the users to pick their difficulty level -- again reflecting our belief in challenge by choice.  For the simple method, choose to walk on only one cable with a parallel rope.  For a moderate level walk on both cables holding onto your safety lanyards or parallel rope.  For the extreme version, walk on both cables without holding on to any ropes or lanyards.  As always, safety is our number 1 importance, so you will always be securely tethered into a safety cable.  Oh yeah. Why's it called the Frog Bridge?  Well, you'll have to come see for yourself!

Zip #9

Zip 9 marks the second to last zip of your tour with us today OR your first zip for us today (for all you Defy Gravity Adventurers).  Regardless of which package you choose, we designed #9 and #10 to be thrilling lines for all participants.  As you step up to the beginning of the zip, you will look down a 250' line towards a 25' platform landing.  As you begin running down hill, you'll start to fly towards the tower feeling the wind at your face and, perhaps, giving a voluntary or involuntary scream of delight.  Reaching speeds of over 20 mph, your guide will be waiting at the end to activate our Zip Stop braking system.

Zip #10 (Our Signature Defy Gravity Line)

As your group joins you atop the last tower, you can wave to the bystanders below or the cars passing by.  Once everyone is atop the platform, you will then begin the final descent on our last zip.  We've added a bit of a curveball for those who completed the full Skyline Tour -- this line is unlike any other in the park (or other parks surrounding us).  As you stand looking towards the ground below, you will have to take a leap of faith off the platform where you experience a free fall feeling of 3-4'.  Just when you think the fall will never end, the zip trolley will engage and you will zip back and forth in a pendulum pattern until you come to rest safely in the middle of the line.  We will use our specially designed rolling platform to safely disconnect you and transport you back to solid ground!  Again, staying true to our challenge by choice design, ask us about other thrilling ways to leap off the platform, including our trust fall technique!


Step back to the staging area where our guides will help remove your safety equipment and debrief about your experience.  We welcome comments on how to enhance your experience and invite you to tip your guide if you enjoyed your ride!