Zipping in a Winter Wonderland

Ah... the first snow has fallen which means building snowmen, sled riding, and zip lining!  Zip lining?  You can do that in winter?!  Absolutely!  We are open year round by reservations, including winter!  In fact, one of our favorite times to zip is right after a freshly fallen snow.  Soaring through the snow-covered trees is a perfect way to experience the beauty from a new perspective.  On our state-of-the art zip line course, you will cross hundreds of feet through the canopy without leaving a mark on the snow white ground below.  Perhaps, you'll even catch a glance of the many wildlife found on the park. Or simply enjoy the wintery views of Indiana overlooking scenic Whitewater River and historic Brookville!  

So, if you're wanting to add a little more adventure to the normal winter sled ride, suit up and give us a call-- we would love to show you our winter wonderland!

For reservations, call 765-547-1947.