We decided to build a Zip Line.

"What made you want to build a zip line park?  Why? How? When..."  These are questions we get on a weekly (often daily) basis.  Truth be told, sometimes we're not sure of the answer.  Short answer...  We love adventure, we love the outdoors, and we love being entrepreneurs.  Plus, zip lining everyday seemed like a pretty good gig, right?


At Skyward Adventures team is committed to offering guests a safe, memorable and rewarding experience.  We pride ourselves in being a locally owned and operated company that focuses on giving families, friends and peers an unforgettable adventure.

Our mission is to:

  • Offer a uniquely thrilling perspective on southeastern Indiana's wooded terrain
  • Promote awe and appreciation for our natural surroundings
  • Introduce guests to the attractions and beauty that Brookville and Franklin County offers
  • Honor the tradition of Hoosier hospitality through striving for excellent customer service

Join us today for one Awesome Adventure!