“Adventure is worthwhile in itself.”
— Amelia Earhart

Zip Line Prices

Great experiences stay with you forever! They will long outlast gifted items and will create timeless connections between those who share them. Experience one awesome adventure today at Skyward Adventures Zip Line Tours.

Tour Options

Group Discounts

Bring your group of 10 or more zipliners and take advantage of our discounted Group Package pricing.* Your group's tour will be closed to all others except the members in your group. Groups of 20 or more zipliners, receive an even larger discount.

Group Packages are perfect for:

*Advanced registration for Group Packages are required. Group rates and eligibility vary with tour selection.  Call 765-547-1947 or use our Group Discount Request Form.

Zip Line Policies

We strive to offer a fun and accommodating experience. However, we must maintain certain specific requirements to ensure optimal safety and smooth operations. These requirements are detailed below. Please review them carefully, as they are non-negotiable.

Tour Times

Visit our calendar for current tour dates and times.
Advance purchase recommended!  On weekdays, advanced reservation required!

Tour Requirements

  • Arrive at our office 15-20 minutes before your designated tour departure time, click here for directions

  • Review and sign our Participant Waiver Form

  • Weigh between 40 and 275 pounds. Individual guests may not exceed 275 pounds

  • Be in sufficient good health to participate in the zip line tour

Participant Waiver Form
You must review and sign our Participant Waiver Form before embarking on our tour. We will provide you with the form to sign when you arrive.  Those under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign a Participant Waiver form. 

Reservations Policy
We require advance reservations on weekdays and recommend advanced reservation on weekends. Space is limited, so we encourage you to make reservations as early as possible. We charge full payment when the reservation is made, but it is fully refundable up to 48 hours prior to your tour date. See our cancellation policy below for details.

Cancellation Policy
You have until 48 hours before your appointed tour date to cancel for a full refund. Inside of 48 hours we do not offer any refund. To cancel your reservation, please call us at (765) 547-1947.  Late arrivals or "no-shows" will not be given a refund or be allowed to join the tour. 

Weather Policy
Our course remains open in most weather conditions with the exception being if it storming severely or has ice on the lines.  In the event that it is severely raining or the weather is otherwise too inclement during your designated departure time, you will be issued a rain check. However, do not assume that stormy weather prior to your tour means automatic cancellation with a rain check. We make the final decision on whether or not to suspend a tour. If we decide to cancel your tour in advance due to inclement weather, we will call you at the number you provided while making your reservation. You may contact us for updates: (765) 547-1947.

Age and Weight Restrictions
All ages are welcome to join our tour. Guests must weigh between 40 and 275 pounds. We have an on-site scale, and if there is any question, we will confirm your weight. If you exceed our weight restrictions, you will not be allowed to ride the zip lines.

Health Considerations
If you are pregnant, please consult a physician before zip lining. You are not permitted to take the zip line canopy tour if you suffer from: recent serious injuries; recent major surgery; serious musculoskeletal issues; or seizure disorders that prevent you from driving. You may not participate if you are under the influence of any impairing illegal or legal drugs or substances. Use common sense in deciding whether or not you are in sufficient good health for the tour. If you have any doubts or concerns, consult your physician. No intoxicants are allowed to accompany you on the tour.

Misbehavior / Vulgarity / Alcohol / Drugs:

Staff is not obligated to begin or complete a tour for a participant or group that appears to be impaired, ignoring staff instructions, or that is found in any way to be endangering the safety of themselves or others. Such participants found disturbing the peace of other guests with profanity, vulgarity or otherwise will be removed from the course and not allowed to continue the tour. Refunds or rescheduling will not be offered in either of these situations. Smoking is not allowed while on the tour.

*For any other question please reference our FAQ section.